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Hear the Hopeville message yourself through these interviews:

Fran interviewed on Educators Circle:

Featured guest on Comedy Concepts with Nancy Lombardo: Fran Capo tells how the mysterious  voice of inspiration led to Hopeville: Click here to listen!

Buzz 60:Fitness Celebrity John Basedow

Kacey on the Radio: WHUD 100.7 – Health and Happiness Show: Click here to listen!

Alex Graham: Celebrity English Show: Click here to listen!

Theresa Chaze- Doorway to the world of entertainment, mystery and healing: Click here to read the whole interview

Charlie Harary Radio show- “Positive Attitude interview.”: Click here to read and listen!

Gagootz TV Show Link: They received over 300 emails after this show aired with people wanting to know about Hopeville.

Rebecca Lee Tatum
February 1 at 5:10pm
We had a great show on Sunday and we knew it would be but the audience was one of our highest attended shows of all time. From the city of the fall of the twin towers to the humor that leads to happiness and the author of “Hopeville the City of Light” from New York herself comedian Fran Capo. Thank you Fran and we hope the show blesses you too. The show is available for playback when the time is right for you right here:

Jerry Parisi & Michelle with Hopeville